Food Politics

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Sodexo, the multi-billion dollar food-service company is one of the biggest corporations in the world, claiming to serve about 75 million consumers in 80 different countries every day. In North America alone, Sodexo serves over 15 million consumers every day, but these consumers are not all just college students receiving food from their dining halls. […]

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Corporations in Food

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As our world globalizes, so does our food.  A world and nation global system means that not only are we getting foods from farther away, but the food that we are receiving may not be as nutritious as it used to be. Click to read more.

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The Global Food Waste Epidemic

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Solving world hunger seems like one of those impossibly lofty ideals, like world peace and global disarmament. It makes a fantastic aspiration for Miss America and doe-eyed activists, but for a number of abstruse and often nebulous reasons, it’ll never happen. Right? Click to read more.

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The Big Bully

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Processed foods are developed for an efficiency-oriented capitalist society. The agriculture industry is primarily focused on gaining profit by growing and selling the products in mass amounts. They have this focus because the ever growing population demands an increasingly large amount of food. The food companies are forced to increase their outputs by using chemicals […]

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How Income Affects the Weight of America

Apr 15, 2014 No Comments

In the United States, over two-thirds of Americans are considered obese. According to James A. Levine of the American Diabetes Association, the more affluent a country is the higher the rate of obesity. However, American plumpness is not just related to the affluence of the nation.  Numerous other factors contribute to the obesity rate.  One […]

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