About Us

All You Can’t Eat is a collaboration between four college students passionate about personal health and food justice.  Over the course of a few months, AYCE has worked hard to dig up the best content. Here are the people behind the webpage:

Kayla Dwyer

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kayla Dwyer is a journalism major at Ithaca College in the class of 2017. She is currently the assistant news editor for The Ithacan, the college’s student-run weekly newspaper, and co-conductor of Premium Blend, the college’s first and only all-female a cappella group. Also an avid fitness enthusiast, Dwyer swam for the Ithaca women’s varsity swim team during their undefeated season this winter. She will continue to invest in her interests in journalism, music, and health as she works toward her goal of becoming a network broadcast journalist.


Will Uhl

Hailing from the rural suburban outskirts of Princeton, New Jersey, Will Uhl is a freshman at Ithaca College studying Journalism and Computer Science. Passionate about writing, Will has been freelancing for publications such as Future plc-owned magazine PC Gamer. In addition, Will has a wide range of editorial experience, editing news articles, scripts, and creative writing. Above all else, Will wants to help teach people, either through his own writing, or through assisting others.


Sydney O’Shaughnessy

Raised in a rural community in Northern New York, Sydney O’Shaughnessy is a journalism major at Ithaca College. Her interests include writing, painting, hiking and snowboarding. She is on the executive board of Media Alliance of the Planet and People and contributes to other environmental and writing based organizations. In the future she hopes to bridge the gap between environmental issues and the media. She envisions herself working in the scientific magazine industry or conducting her own research in the environmental sciences.

Luna Olavarria Gallegos

Luna Olavarria Gallegos is a New Mexico native currently studying at the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.  As a Documentary Studies major, she is interested in producing all kinds of media including radio packages, articles, and films that address current issues.  Luna is interested in producing media and doing research for grassroots organizations such as the Committee for US- Latin American Relations and the Shawn Greenwood Working Group Media Team.