The Big Bully

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Processed foods are developed for an efficiency-oriented capitalist society. The agriculture industry is primarily focused on gaining profit by growing and selling the products in mass amounts. They have this focus because the ever growing population demands an increasingly large amount of food. The food companies are forced to increase their outputs by using chemicals that are detrimental to the health of the consumers. The companies can not stop using the chemicals because, since the US is a capitalist driven economy, they need to continue to contribute to the monetary cycle.

Food production is hurting the health of the nation and the environment. The excessive use of herbicides and pesticides are damaging to the surrounding wildlife and soil quality. The toxins in pesticides and herbicides are called xenobiotics. Xenobiotics are made up of environmental estrogens.  These estrogens can be harmful to the environment because they act like animal hormones and disrupt the endocrine system. When these toxins seep into the surrounding environment around the industrial farms, the wildlife is hurt. Additionally, the expansion of the food industries displaces many animals because the construction of the enormous farms and fields destroys their habitats.

The production of processed foods also harms people. According to Reuters, the use of the herbicide Roundup has numerous health effects on consumers. Some of these health problems include Parkinson’s Disease, fertility complications and cancers. The previous ailments are examples of when extreme amounts of toxins are introduced to the body. However, there are other, less serious, examples of what agricultural chemicals can do to the human body. When a consumer is subjected to too many toxins, he will sense fatigue, contract headaches and experience digestive problems.

But, there is a way to combat the effects of processed food. According to Taking Charge of your Health and Well Being, detoxifying the body is extremely helpful.  Drinking extra water, eating whole grains and incorporating foods high in antioxidants will detoxify your body and leave you feeling fresh and alert. Also, eating local foods is a way to stop contributing to the monstrous industrial agricultural system. You can take initiative for your health by trying to grow your own food and becoming more aware of what you are actually buying at the supermarket.


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