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The Challenge of Getting Back to Basics

Apr 29, 2014 No Comments by

Sending food through a rigmarole of preservatives, sweeteners, and other extra ingredients seems like an awful lot of work. It seems especially unnecessary when compared with how healthy and tasty fruits & vegetables can be with little to no preparation. Why, then, are processed foods sold more frequently for less money? The reasons are varied. Fast […]

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Interview with Educator & Ecological Activist Élan Shapiro

Apr 28, 2014 No Comments by

Elan Shapiro is an ecological activist and lecturer at Ithaca College for the Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences. He’s helped develop the Ecopsychology, Bioregionalism, and Deep Ecology movements, as well as Sustainable Tompkins and the Neighborhood Mini-Grant programs. Additionally, he’s taught ecological courses  atJFK University, California Institute of Integral Studies, and the College of Holy Names.

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The Global Food Waste Epidemic

Apr 26, 2014 No Comments by

Solving world hunger seems like one of those impossibly lofty ideals, like world peace and global disarmament. It makes a fantastic aspiration for Miss America and doe-eyed activists, but for a number of abstruse and often nebulous reasons, it’ll never happen. Right? Click to read more.

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Transitioning to Better Eating

Apr 03, 2014 No Comments

Change is scary. As humans, it’s natural to want to simply maintain the status quo and continue on. We like what we eat because we eat what we like, but when that needs to change, it doesn’t need to be as scary as it seems. Consistency over speed Perhaps the most important aspect of shifting […]

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